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The trial is an exciting part of the process. You get to finally try out all of those styles you admired from photos on Pinterest and Instagram. 

Some brides know exactly what they want, and others have no idea, and both are fine. The point of the trial is to discuss what makes you feel comfortable and finding the right style for you. 

I take a very consultative approach and will ask you important questions about how you would normally wear your hair and make-up and the do's and dont's about how you like things done. I can help you make decisions on what compliments your style and the style of your dress.

Some brides wish to go completely out of their comfort zone and try something different. Sometimes that works, and other times they realise it's not for them at all.

I am always happy to try multiple styles until we find what is right for you. I take photos on each style that we try, from different angles, so that you can look back over them. 

I've always said that hair and make-up is like when you find the perfect dress, when you know, you know. You will get that exciting 'This is The One' moment.

There is a lot of discussing options at the trial so please allow 1.5-2.5 hours per person. Sometimes this may be longer if you're not used to hair and make-up and you are unsure of what would look good on you or what you will feel comfortable with.

At the trial we will also discuss rough timings for the wedding day. How many people would require hair and/or make-up etc. I will then send a schedule for the day closer to the time, once we have final numbers.


The day you've been waiting for is finally here, everything is in place. You have your loved ones around you, your beautiful dress hanging up, your shoes and accessories ready and a calming drink in your hand.

On the morning I will arrive 10-15 mins early to set up and have everything ready to transform you and your wedding party, you can just sit back and relax and enjoy your morning.

I will have previously sent you a schedule so every person knows what time they need to be in my chair and can work out anything else they need to do around that their time slot.

The venue will also have some time structures of the day such as entry time into the venue, what time you need to be ready to see the registrar etc. Your photographer will also have timings that they like to stick to so it is always good to share schedules and timings with your suppliers so that we know to have you ready by a certain time if the photographer has plans to take lots of photos before the ceremony.

Everything you planned for months before will all come together smoothly. You have chosen suppliers that you trust and we have lots of experience so relax and enjoy your perfect day.

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