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Every wedding that I do, I always see amazing suppliers who do fantastic work. I've worked with some lovely people on the wedding mornings and admire their beautiful work. Over the years I have worked with certain suppliers on a few different occasions and its always lovely seeing familiar faces.
On this page I have included some people that I have worked with and recommend.


Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to these photographers (and brides) as they have kindly let me use their images for this website. I just love each and every one of their photos and so glad that I can use them to show off my work. There are so many talented photographers, too many to share, but here are a few with links to their websites. Enjoy.

Gill Flett -



The Harphams -


Jo Sweeney -


Eray Kaya - www,

Joanna Lauren -


There is only one florist in my life, and that is Flowers By Liz. I did Liz's hair on her wedding day and immediately hit it off with her. She is so personable and really knows her stuff. She is kind, friendly, and extremely helpful. Every time Liz shows up to a wedding morning she chats with her brides, teaches them how to hold the bouquets and honestly goes above and beyond. I've actually learned a fair bit listening to Liz talk to her brides and i've been able to pass on knowledge at other weddings. Her bouquets and arrangements are beautiful.

Flowers by Liz -

Tel: 07764 188270


When I first started out in this business, all those years ago, I always asked my brides where they got their stunning dresses from, and one name kept coming up over and over and that was From This Moment Bridal Studios in Ewell, Surrey. Every single bride described the ladies in this shop as so lovely, helpful, kind, friendly, and said they had the best time dress shopping there. I had to get involved with these ladies. So I turned up at the shop and asked/begged to work with them. I wasn't disappointed, their reputation precedes them. Hayley and Claire, two sisters who have over 20 years experience in the industry have the most stunning dresses and first class service. They offer everything from bridal gowns, wedding rings, accessories and even bridesmaids dresses.

From This Moment Bridal Studios -

2 High Street Ewell, Epsom KT17 1SJ

Tel: 0203 8768049

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